• Automate and optimize delivery plans

  • Increase visibility of your operation

  • Organize information at all levels

  • Uncover unique business insights

  • Improve customer experience


  • Reduce fuel and driver costs

  • Increase visibility of your operation

  • Increase fleet utilization

  • Retain drivers

  • Speed up your billing

Key features for Shippers

Planning Optimization

Allow Fitter to automatically create an optimized delivery plan to maximize fleet utilization and reduce driving miles, saving on fuel and driver time.

Intelligent Execution

Automate tracking and allow your dispatcher to manage by exception, receiving smart recommendations powered by machine learning algorithms. Automatically dispatch changes and updated documents to all drivers.

Customer Experience

Provide continuous visibility, obtain electronic proof of delivery (EPOD), enable instant billing and gather immediate customer feedback.

Business Insights

Leverage big data and machine learning to unlock unique insights. The more you use the system the more accurate and insightful the recommendations it will provide for your business.

Key features for Carriers

Asset Utilization and Visibility

Ensure your trucks are always running at capacity and always know your assets’ location and status.

Reduce Fuel and Driver Costs

Optimize a given route to minimize driving miles, detect fuel fraud, track and improve driving behaviors to reduce fuel consumption, manage driver settlements and implement driver incentive plans.

Speed Up Billing

Capture EPOD, connect to your ERP or allow Fitter to be your billing system and speed up your billing process.

Driver Retention

Boost driver motivation by acknowledging those who perform the best. Track driver behavior and recognize your top performers, implement driver improvement plans, manage and streamline driver settlements. Ensure drivers have all the information they need at all times.

Preventive Fleet Maintenance

Reduce costs by creating vehicle preventive maintenance plans, avoiding unproductive stops due to mechanical failures and associated repair costs. Track vehicle history with detailed tasks, parts, costs and upcoming actions.

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